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Big Time 2 Deleted

2008-08-25 06:18:48 by dragonjet

I decided to make it a version that can only be played at my site
which is, currently under development. so for now, no Big Time yet.

so as I was saying before I am doing more Flash Projects like:
--homielove17's School Work
--Fate Stay Night RPG (layout and conception)
Portal Defense update and Chobits Dating Sim are on hold.
once my site is up, you can even check out the alphas of these games.

BattleDawn News
Havoc on Mars 1 is near! about 70 more ticks!
I am dragonjet of Ruina in the Martian Elite Force 2 (MEF2) alliance
leave a comment if you wanna say something here

don't know Battle Dawn? check it out here
Massive Multi-player Online Strategy Game
free! browser-based and no downloads! easy sign up!

New Game: Big Time 2

2008-08-22 23:05:07 by dragonjet

at last, after one year of waiting, i give you Big Time 2!
people have been asking for a new version for a year now.
so here it is: GAME LINK check it out!

Also, for my new Paypal account, Please Donate Here
Thanks for your support guys! I love you people! =)

Current Ongoing Projects:
-homielove17's School Work
-Portal Defense Update 8 (on hold)
-Fate Stay Night RPG (layout and conception)
-Chobits Dating Sim (layout finished, no functionalities yet)

I have my first PayPal account! but its 0.00 balance :(
Please Donate a little change or something :(
This will really help me and my flash projects

we're back in action, Portal Defense project is resumed!
Stay back and wait for the release of Version 8! lolz
So many bug fixes and improvements! hahaha

oh and I really appreciate if you donate even for a little amount.


2008-07-26 06:34:09 by dragonjet

A good online game I am currently playing!
Here is the Link
Please visit the link even if you're not interested, it will help me in the game, bonus resources!!
every unique referral, I get 1 bonus food, that's good.

Anyway, about my work in flash, I got a notebook full of ideas.
new original games, game updates for past games, games to enter in contests, etc.
I'll post it later when I have the time :)

New contest, new game projects

2008-07-10 01:45:16 by dragonjet

Here is the new contest
Of course I will join, which means
I'll be developing a whole new game

I got ideas but I don't know which one to pursue
1. Fate Stay Night Role-Playing Game
2. Grand Theft Auto Flash
3. Chobits Dating Sim

I'll be starting on August...

New video card doesnt work!

2008-06-15 10:56:30 by dragonjet

I bought some things today from the computer store
a headset, a 1 GB DDR1 RAM and
PoweColor Ati Radeon X1650 512mb/128bit Video Card

well unfortunately, the new video card didn't work
(DOS mode works but when it comes to graphics, the screen gets weird)
so I'll return it on Tuesday to PC Hub.

sorry I cant update, I have school ya know

I'm playing Albatross18, anyone here who's also a golfer or PSQ'er?
my name there is also dragonjet
my character is Kaz and I'm always in PSQ, not playing...

Also, Cabal online, but Philippine Server (Warrior)
Server: Mercury
Name: Irisviel

New partner in Portal Defense development!

2008-05-19 10:23:11 by dragonjet

from now on djbdr248 will do some graphics
especially monsters, I will have him as a co-author in the next update

anyone who is interested to contribute to this project, please contact me

HANK tower is now done and working. code, tower, icons, critical strike and upgrades
I am still not decided on what to do with PUPPY tower (retarded animal baby)
also, I don't think Darnell's special effect is a fun one, i mean, fire?

and I will cancel Boxhead's knock back effect. I cant do it sorry :(
so i'll swap Boxhead with another character,
maybe bitey of brackenwood? super-fast attack

ChaosMakerX has been contributing so much ideas now
I will include a survival mode as suggested by kamehameha25.
thanks guys :)

Play Portal Defense
Map Sharing (find new maps or share maps you created)
Level Editor Help
What to expect on Update 8

thank you for all the people who keep on supporting the game,
I appreciate your help and ideas. You guyz rulez!!

Portal Defense Waves

2008-05-12 03:05:54 by dragonjet

Thanks for the ideas guys, I really appreciate your support for the game.
Oh and check out my previous post on Update 8
The final version will be the best! Here are the current wave arrangement:

1 Angry Faic
2 Clock Crew
3 Lock Legion
4 Star Syndicate
5 Blamformers

6 Cats
7 Cats
8 Cats
9 Cats
10 Cats

11 Mastermind's Soldiers
12 Technicians
13 Man in Intercom
14 Just Ice man
15 Walking pair of tits

16 Goth Kids
17 Uberkids
18 Tankmen X
19 Line Runner
20 Helicopters (IT AE)

21 FBI
22 Gangster
23 Castle Crashers
24 Madness Zombies
25 Creepy Fliers

26 Bunny's Easter Time bombs
27 Stick men
28 Thwomps


Total of: 42 Waves (35 monsters, 7 bosses)

Portal Defense Map Sharing and Updates!

2008-05-06 09:04:54 by dragonjet

Hi people! I have just finished Portal Editor's Map Sharing Page Here's the link
You can share the maps you made with the Level Editor,
or just find new maps for Portal Defense.

If you're having problems with the level editor,
please visit the Official Level Editor Help

Please also take a look at my news post about the latest version, UPDATE 7

=== What to expect on Update 8 ===
New Additions:
-Tower: HANK (% critical strikes)
-Tower: BOXHEAD (knock back)
-Tower: PUPPY (out of ideas!!!)
-Tower: DARNELL (fire/burns enemies + special effect)
-Enemies: FBI, Gangster, Castle Crashers, LL (many more!)
-Boss: 1000 Cats Robot (pico attack only) *
-Boss: Crazy Clown (90% attack blocked except critical)
-Item: Grenades (explodes when clicked)
-Item: Dad's son, slams ground, stun whole map 1 sec *

Changes / Balancing:
-Salad fingers wont attack already poisoned
-Improved Salad Fingers Poison: 2,5,10,25,50 dmg/sec for 5 sec
-Salad fingers lower cost (15 gold)
-Tankman Steve lower cost (25 gold)
-Pico's attack on air units is reduced to 50%
-Dad lower % of stun (final upgrade 15% chance)

*thank you to banisher22's suggestions

I am open for suggestions for the game, especially the monsters!
I want to have different monsters each wave, not repeating every after boss,
but I am out of ideas, so please help! Send me a PM


Portal Defense Update 7 Uploaded!

2008-05-05 11:35:08 by dragonjet

Update 7 is now uploaded! This Version is downloadable!

If you are having trouble with the Map Editor,
please try to visit the Official Level Editor Help

If you can contribute any ideas for new towers, please send me a PM
I am out of ideas :( please include the name, attack power, effect or specials

====== Update 7 ======
-Fixed bug: Missing Salad fingers
-Balanced Towers/Monsters
-Changed Salad Fingers Poison: 1,3,7,15,25 dmg/sec for 5 sec
-Salad Fingers Level Icons
-Indestrukto tank now cannot be poisoned
-Fixed: salad fingerss still there after the game
-Removed the cell numbers in the Level Editor
-Refixed Bug: Map on top of mouse cursor when placing buildings*
-Refixed Bug: Dying monsters on spawn*

====== Past Updates ======
-Level Editor is now up and running!
-Added a New Tower Salad Fingers (poisons)
-Fixed bug: Alien Hominid's attack (resets to 10)
-Added dropping items, +gold / +life (5% chance)
-There are now 55 waves in total! (also rearranged)
-Large-scale Balancing of Towers/Monsters/Upgrade
-Added 1 New Map (total maps: 5)
-Added Difficulty Level: "Impossible"
-Greatly reduced File Size: from 2.1mb to 1.3mb!
-1000 Cats: not immune to A. Hominid
-Fixed bug: AH shoots blank / misses target
-Changed Pico's range (wider but less attack)
-Fixed Bug: Map on top of mouse cursor when placing buildings
-Shows range when tower is selected
-Corrected the Upgrade Descriptions
-Balanced the Air enemies
-Changed some parts of interface
-New challange with Final Boss!
-Added few graphics improvement! :)
-Fixed unlimited gold bug
-Fixed "Quit to Menu" / "Play Again" buttons
-Redesigned Main Menu
-Adjusted Difficulty (somewhat easier)
-Now Easier, 1000 cats, tankmen x, and uberkids have less health
-Fixeg Bug on Play Again button
-Added a HARD difficulty setting!
-New Monsters (uberkids / tankmen enemies / 1000 cats )
-Fixed sound effects bug
-Fixed the pause bug (tower still shoot even when paused)
-Changed Pico's range (cannot attack anywhere in map now)
-Submission of scores is now disabled because of cheating issues
-Fixed Bug: "Send next wave" button victory
-Updated the terrain (grasslands)
-Pico can now shoot AIR
-Fixed restart game bug