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Portal Defense

2008-04-30 04:54:13 by dragonjet

check it out everybody!
my submission for Pico Day 2008!
its called Portal Defense!


it got submitted to Pico 2008 Collection (well thats expected)
but now it's on the Frontpage! thanks everybody!

make sure you play it well ;)
heres the official site:


there you will find the Help/FAQ and the High Scores!

some were great, i passed many flash submissions this week
but some were OMGs! why do others submit crappy flash?

one of their biggest problems is the PRELOADER!
they are submitting 4, 5 or more MBs and doest have a preloader?!

i suggest that flash without preloaders (no matter how good it is)
must be (not flagged) but blammed!

College Week Flash Programs

2008-03-02 06:24:48 by dragonjet

wh0a this week is really mad!
i have too much queued flash projects!
and i am to do it in only one weekend!

ill be making animations and presentations
but it wont be posted here on NG

they must be stand-alone EXEs
and i dont NG people wont appreciate them

so ill keep it for the school events

Too many flash Projects

2008-02-02 23:32:55 by dragonjet

ok guyz, here's the line up of what is
to come from dragonjet studios

UPDATE: School Girl Quiz
will add gallery if you finish the game,
will have lives that will allow you to
continue even if you get a wrong answer

UPDATE: Bathrom Girl
super-improved graphics, additional features
guaranteed fixed bugs

UPDATE: Detective Conan 1
super-improved graphics, new storyline
fully new way of gameplay

NEW GAME: Fate/Stay Night
the eroge pc game fate/stay night will be remade in flash
this time, it won't be an adult game
the story of anime series is the one to be implemented
RPG - may be released at the end of 2008

NEW GAME: Lost Lands - Rediscovering Gadia
was initially released in mobile phones/ handheld devices.
it is now time to put it in NG using the advanced technology of Flash.
Role-Playing Game - may be released in 2009