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New Games!

2009-05-14 06:35:34 by dragonjet

Space Pirates

The game is called "Space Pirates", but not your regular space shooter.
There are new fun twists to the space genre.

You charge up pirates in your ship, then release them as "bullets".
Well they're not actually bullets but pirates that raid enemies.
Also, enemies have their own life and also shoots at you.

The game is complete. It's up and for sale in Flash Game License.
I'm looking for sponsors and hoping for a $100 to $300 deal.
I am not yet sure with the release date but I'll post again for updates.

Operation: Sand Rider

It's a tower defense game but not and ordinary defense game.
There are many twists and turns and strategy required is unique.
There will be 12 different unit types and large maps.

Remember Portal defense? It showed TD's are not always the same.
This one will show a unique side too. Hop you like it also.

Big Wrap up!

2009-04-26 11:16:20 by dragonjet

Hi everyone! :)
I haven't informed everyone about my status and how am I doing with flash.
Considering I haven't submitted any game for a year now,
well I'm happy to say I'm doing just fine ;p
Just have to wrap up some things here:

Dope Man, the second installment of Big Time is now released.
I've already made an individual post about this topic.
Check the news post here: LINK
View the game directly here: LINK

Millionaires' Society is a flash game of our project team at school.
It's is already done and is up for sonsorship at Flash Game License.
Although the ongoing Beta test is piling up more work :(
Hopefully, all updates and fixes will be done together with sponsor branding.
Want to see a preview? Check it out here: LINK

Space Pirates is an ongoing project and it looks great.
Already finished code for the spaceship movements and shooting.
Tutorial is also complete and it lets you try out the basics
(movement, shooting and sample enemy to kill, fully works)
all that is left to do are the real enemies, bosses and levels ;p
Another preview here: LINK

If anyone knows how to make those Newgrounds medals and awards,
please inform me. I'd like to put it in my new games.

For Pico Day, sorry to say that I can't make a game this year.
It's too late to start one now :(

Dope Man Game

2009-04-26 10:57:12 by dragonjet

Dope Man, the second installment of Big Time is now released.

Sponsored by ArcadeLady, here it is

Please vote high and fair :)

Millionaires' Society Complete

2009-04-10 05:04:47 by dragonjet

The game we promised, Millionaires' Society is finally complete.
You can read my first post about the game: Linked
It took 10 Alpha Versions and will be soon in Open Beta Stages.
So it will take a while to release into the public.

And I am so sorry I WILL NOT post a sample >:)
I CAN but I won't... It will be a surprise!

if you know good sponsors who would like to license the game,
please feel free to comment on this news article :) thanks!

Millionaire's Society

2009-02-28 21:38:36 by dragonjet

alright people, I'm back into the Flash business!
well I didn't really leave, the Newgrounds scene,
I was just inactive with my game creation lately.
but now, a game shall arise from the dragon's lair.

to prove that I am developing one, get linked here

This is a group project for my class in web technologies,
so I don't want to get all the credit, this is my group's.
once the game is finished, we all agreed to submit it here.
We will be using my account and generate Ad revenue.
The total AdRev will be split up into us, 8 members.

At the moment, I have just prepared the main menu,
as you can see from the sample in the link before.
You will notice good improvement in my graphics / animation.
With my group's skill and perseverance, This one will be a hit!

Game Background

This game is a remake of the popular board game Monopoly.
If you think this will be a recurring remake and boring nowadays,
THINK TWICE! we will elevate this Genre to a whole new Level!
(as my team has stated in the project plan objectives)

There will be computer players, AI for single player games,
for sole gamers. Don't worry, this will be full of Action!
A game mode, Multiplayer game can accommodate up to 4 players.
Good for recreational activities of families.
This and many more features I cannot mention at the moment :)

An all-time classic full of action, you'll forget it's a board game!

Big Time and Bath Girl Deleted

2009-01-26 11:03:32 by dragonjet

after a very long time I have been trying to delete these submissions,
I am finally successful! Now they were removed by the NG staff =)

Big Time
A drug-dealing game. I decided to make a new version. I'll call it Dope Man.
The new one is complete and is up for sponsorship in FGL.
I'll release it as soon as it has a sponsor.

Bathroom Girl
That most controversial of all my submissions.
The world was torn apart into two.
Those who support the game and those who hate it.
It was really really crappy, very poor graphics.

I'm looking forward to creating better games next time.
It is 2009 and each of my next games should be a hit!
I have greatly improved for the past few years.
My experience in Flash has taught me so much.

Until next time... ;)

New Dragonjet Website Launched!

2008-12-23 03:38:18 by dragonjet

even though it is still under construction,
I have uploaded my new website to the hosting server.
new design, content and many more...

Here is the link

Also, I have a new PayPal account which is accepting donations

Later, I will post in the website the flash games / projects / etc...

Loads of School Work

2008-12-16 21:09:56 by dragonjet

yup, I am finishing a great load of school work.
I've been busy for the past few weeks making websites (school project)
and reviewing for very difficult exams.

check this out: CLICKY
that's our website, I hard-coded it in PHP, with MySQL and JavaScript.
of course it has HTML and CSS... hahaha

By next week, I'll be getting my class card, contains my final grades this term.
from then onwards, yay! I can resume my flash projects!

My first plan is a Christmas game for the NG contest.
I am still thinking what to do afterward.

Merry Christmas to all Newgrounders!! =)

Bucketball Review

2008-09-16 10:50:30 by dragonjet

once the ball has collision with another object,
the Y (vertical) movement suddenly changes to downward
which is not the correct physics,

If the shot was directed upward with full force,
even if it has collision on the sides (of course not a collision on top)
it will bounce upward too.

see below image...

Bucketball Review

I have registered a new domain for my website
but the files are currently unavailable so we can see only a sample page
Hereis the link: http://www.dragonjet.co.cc/

I am currently developing Battlefield 2003,
an entry for the MaxGames contest
I hope I will win, or get any bonus for that matter

"Battlefield 2003" because it is about the Iraqi War.
I included DICE and EA Games in credits.
I used some music and sounds from the original battlefield games.
but all the animation and scripting etc is done by me, dragonjet
only the sounds and music are from DICE and EA.

It is a shooting game wherein enemies will show up on windows and doors
Movement will be like side-scrolling (platformer) and player will travel throught the city
Has single player quick start and a campaign mode to unlock levels
It will include tanks, vehicles, artillery, team assist and more...

Battlefield 2003: Under Development