Winter Wars PRO: Bad reviewer, please help

2010-03-28 08:11:35 by dragonjet

dragonjet and presents: Winter Wars PRO

It is the second installment of the award-winning, Winter Wars.
Unfortunately, the game wasn't successful as it should be.

It initially gained around 2.70 Newgrounds score.
Some people voted wrongly, thinking it is a paid game.
This is due to a bad review given by martialmichael126.
He said it was a triad version and charges people, which is not true.

Please help and vote fairly, mark martialmichael126's review as not helpful at least. Thanks =)

Winter Wars PRO: Bad reviewer, please help


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2010-03-28 08:31:43

I saw it under judgment and gave it a four. It's definitely underrated, I'm a bit surprised by the low score it got, but I strongly doubt it's because of that review as people don't see the reviews until it's out of judgment.

People are probably just a bit sick of TD games I'm afraid.

dragonjet responds:

hmm.. well you're right, thanks..
but somehow the 1st version did much better than this.
it even got daily 5th place XD


2010-03-28 08:42:48

You are going to hell for this

dragonjet responds:

me? why is that?


2010-04-03 07:08:23