Winter Wars at Daily 5th place!

2010-01-07 06:17:21 by dragonjet

I have this new tower defense game, Winter Wars!
Fans of Portal Defense or any of my games, please play it.
You will surely enjoy this snow-themed game.

It got Daily 5th Place! Thanks Newgrounds community!
This is my first award, after more than 3 years here.

Our Music Artist is Dj-Rec0il because of his special permission to use his works.
Another music artist who gave his permission is Zajed.

It is sponsored by Play Tower Defense Games.
In its site, hosted a special version where you get +50 starting money
and the ability to use the currently disabled in-game skills / spells.

Special Thanks to KongQuake who created the game walkthroughs.
Here are the walkthrough videos hosted at

Winter Wars at Daily 5th place!


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2010-01-07 11:32:42

Congrats, but you are a terrible n****r

dragonjet responds:

what is n****r?