dragonjet Updates!

2009-08-31 11:22:43 by dragonjet

Long time no post! Well anyway, I noticed just now,
Portal Defense has been added to the Defense Games Collection!
Thanks NG! Now that it happened, I'm gonna make an update.
Many people waited for more than a year, and also made my inbox full :D
I've promised them I'll make another update (version 8),
but I failed them. I didn't upload it, but I assure you, I have it here.

Now I am integrating HeyZap for micro-transactions.
So I'll sure be adding more towers! Don't worry, we'll revive the fun!
So far, I've done Hank tower (madness), still thinking for more.
Oh and there's also a Survival mode for non-stop action.
To prove, here are some screen shots in my blog post.

Also, there is a new game I'm working on, just to test out HeyZap.
I'll be posting another separate news for that, either here or on the blog.
That will be for later, now, I shall take my sleep... :)

dragonjet Updates!


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2009-09-09 20:22:31

do a-bot or son or webel


2009-09-25 21:14:40

dude please hurry this is taking 2 long! make game already! please for the children

dragonjet responds:

yes I would like to release it the soonest, but I'm also having problems with the virtual goods API that I am using. I'm waiting for more of their features so we can maximize out the premium store. sorry bout that..


2009-11-02 01:08:36

The reason for people awed by the animation Gravity, is not because of the simplicity of the animation, but the way it is presented. The music choice fits perfectly with the way the flash is presented(imo), and it is an unique idea.

For example, if someone now posts another flash like the idea he had, it would not get as good of rating as he did. It has to do with if "its been done before".

at least thats what i would think...............

dragonjet responds:

thanks for giving some inputs, at least I now have an idea on what they were really thinking, giving Gravity a high score.